Shea Butter will penetrate into the skin to help provide a lasting protection against the cold & the sun (don't forget your sunscreen).  Because of it's softness, unsaponifiable content & vitamin F, Shea Butter is excellent for a body massage. With the help of your body heat, it absorbs quickly into the skin.
(TEST IT. Place a small amount of pure Shea Butter on your finger tip & watch closely as your body heat melts it down.)
African Shea Butter helps reduce stretch marks, dark spots. It is effective on dry, dull, rough & flaky skin.
Shea Butter plus sun screen products help reduce peeling, help protect your skin from the sun & help give a nice even tan.
Use pure Shea Butter immediately after shaving & waxing to help reduce bumps & irritations.
Add about a teaspoon of Shea Butter to a hot bath to help you relax.

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